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7954Re: [solectria_ev] Force market value for insurance claim

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  • Charles Bliss
    Mar 1, 2012
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      When I was insuring mine, State Farm said I had to use Geo, but if there
      was ever a claim, they would evaluate market value at the time. I told
      them I paid 8K and was going to add another ~$3K in batteries and they
      said that would be covered in the assessment should there be a claim.
      Of course, until there is a claim, there is no way of knowing. My
      premium on that car is way high as it is the primary vehicle for my 18
      year old son.

      On 3/1/2012 10:06 AM, Ed Garcia wrote:
      > It is probably too late for you to follow this advice, but I insisted
      > my Force be registered with State Farm as a Solectria Force, not a
      > Metro. This forced the agent to perform a manual
      > value appraisal rather then relying on their online system. The result
      > was a higher premium due to the higher valuation. That might be the
      > key for you, find out what valuation your premium was based on.
      > Ed Garcia
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      > Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2012 8:01 AM
      > Subject: Re: [solectria_ev] Force market value for insurance claim
      > Besides sales data you might look at the cost of the ev components. I
      > had an insurance claim, where a fallen tree crossed several high
      > voltage lines in the area sending 220 volts down a 110 line. This
      > fried my chargers dual BC1000's. I had a local EV converter replace
      > the charger. I also filed an insurance claim with my carrier Erie. The
      > same question arose concerning replacement value of a Metro. The owner
      > of the conversion shop explained to the insurance adjuster about the
      > value of the parts in an AC system and convinced him that it would
      > cost in excess of $10,000 to replace the parts alone. They paid the
      > claim which was about $1,500.
      > Jay H Grossman
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      > From: Todd <larsthelean@... <mailto:larsthelean%40yahoo.com>>
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      > Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2012 10:45 AM
      > Subject: [solectria_ev] Force market value for insurance claim
      > My 1997 Solectria Force (48K miles, 156V Lead-Acid pack, Brusa NLG5)
      > was involved in a car accident last Friday (someone blew through a
      > stop sign and hit my front driver's side corner). No one was hurt.
      > The repair estimate is around $2500 in body & suspension work, but a
      > 1997 Geo Metro is only worth around $1500. So, I need to demonstrate
      > to State Farm Insurance that my EV is worth more than $2500.
      > Can anyone provide me with any sales transaction values for a Force
      > within the past 12 months?
      > Thanks!
      > Todd Martin
      > FVEAA
      > Elgin, IL
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