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781Re: [force_ev] Solectria Controller Problems

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  • Matthew Childers
    Apr 10, 2003
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      If it is the AC-325 controller, this unit is made by Brusa (called the AMC
      325) and was distributed & used by Solectria several years back. It is still
      available from Brusa.

      You can download manuals, etc. for this controller at
      Perhaps these manuals and top-level schematics might help.

      Craig Childers
      Bunchs of antique Solectrias and CityEls
      RAV 4EV

      Gordon Stallings wrote:

      > >Gordon,
      > >Have you ever been inside your Solectria controller? Does your
      > >Force have a UMOC or Brussa controller? Any documentation in form
      > >of schematics of the innards?
      > >
      > I have an AC-325 which is apparently a little less powerful than your
      > UMOC425. I've never unbuttoned it. The only documentation that I
      > have is the Solectria Owner's Manual for Universal Motor Controllers.
      > This manual doesn't have any schematics or diagnostic information
      > unfortunately.
      > >We are having a problem with our UMOC 425, and not getting any help
      > >yet from Solectria. The 5 volt supply and analog command signal
      > >input has a lot of strange high frequency noise, 5 volts drops to
      > >3.6 volts when 5K pot is attached. Any ideas?
      > No, I don't have any ideas. I've always been much stronger in design
      > than in troubleshooting or repair of other's designs.
      > I'll send this note to the Solectria listserver to see if others can
      > help out on this matter.
      > It's my opinion that if Solectria is not going to support us when
      > trouble arises in these units, then they should provide us with
      > schematics, typical waveforms at different points, and a design
      > spec., etc.
      > ATTENTION LIST: This controller is in a college-built hybrid that is
      > going to the Tour De Sol this spring. Any help would be appreciated.
      > --
      > Gordon Stallings
      > 1999 Solectria Force
      > 2002 Toyota Prius
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