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780Solectria Controller Problems

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Apr 9, 2003
      >Have you ever been inside your Solectria controller? Does your
      >Force have a UMOC or Brussa controller? Any documentation in form
      >of schematics of the innards?

      I have an AC-325 which is apparently a little less powerful than your
      UMOC425. I've never unbuttoned it. The only documentation that I
      have is the Solectria Owner's Manual for Universal Motor Controllers.
      This manual doesn't have any schematics or diagnostic information

      >We are having a problem with our UMOC 425, and not getting any help
      >yet from Solectria. The 5 volt supply and analog command signal
      >input has a lot of strange high frequency noise, 5 volts drops to
      >3.6 volts when 5K pot is attached. Any ideas?

      No, I don't have any ideas. I've always been much stronger in design
      than in troubleshooting or repair of other's designs.

      I'll send this note to the Solectria listserver to see if others can
      help out on this matter.

      It's my opinion that if Solectria is not going to support us when
      trouble arises in these units, then they should provide us with
      schematics, typical waveforms at different points, and a design
      spec., etc.

      ATTENTION LIST: This controller is in a college-built hybrid that is
      going to the Tour De Sol this spring. Any help would be appreciated.

      Gordon Stallings
      1999 Solectria Force
      2002 Toyota Prius
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