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7740Re: Lithium voltage sag

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  • ldr214
    Dec 7, 2011
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      Paul very useful info.
      Are you still seeing the same volts as mention in the blog post on the TS pack when under load. I see you only used 48 cells and my plan is for 52. You said you would do 50 next time. Unless I messed up my math the CALB 100 should fit with a 52 count.

      I'll likely never do a 2600 foot climbing grade but I'm impressed that you do it regularly. Do you leave plenty of charge space for a regen down the hill or fill it up at home?

      Mike R
      97 Force

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "Wolf Packs, Inc." <traildog@...> wrote:
      > > Hope to hear from a few more of the owners that have been running the 90 or 100's for awhile. Especially anyone who has some grades's to deal with.
      > I climb 2,600 feet in 17 miles to get home. The first half is 1% ~ 2% uphill grade (45~50 mph speed limit) and the last half is 6% ~ 7% (I keep it between 30 and 35 mph, like most gas cars) on a very curvy road. The Force uses 32 ~ 34 amp hours to get home. I always head home with a full charge. I use Normal mode because if I switch to Power mode I will quickly sag some cells to 2.6v or less. I set my lowest cell under voltage alarm at 2.704 volts and I can quickly trip that alarm in Normal mode if I floor it....... .......
      > Pictures at:
      > http://traildog.blogspot.com/
      > Paul Martin
      > Ashland, Oregon
      > 1997 Force
      > 48 TS 100Ah cells (now have 7,000 miles on them)
      > Hardy BMS-48
      > Zivan NG3
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