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7696Re: Jerking at beginning of accelleration and radio interference

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  • Walt
    Nov 7, 2011
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      My 97 Force has an advanced case of this "disease."
      I will have the CV joints checked to be sure,
      My Force always did this once in a while since I got it in 2009.
      I posted this when my Force did this 4 times in a row, & stranded me
      in the middle of a left turn out onto a 4 lane road,VERY disturbing,
      then it did it twice more while I was trying to get back home.
      After that it drove perfectly, 15 more stop/starts & no problems.
      It single handedly trashed the Force's reliability for me & the wife.
      I got it home & that is where it stayed for 6 months now.
      Just like what this thread says, most of the time it wont do it & when it does, you'd think you trashed the tranny.
      It makes question upgrading to Lithium
      It makes me worry me wife will get stuck in it.
      It makes me think I cant ever sell it, even if I wanted to & I dont want to, but if I test drove something that did that,I wouldnt buy it.
      If anybody has any input on this, it would be help me keep my Force.
      Thanks , Walt

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "scndbsn" <dianne.stengel@...> wrote:
      > All -
      > Our '99 Force has been running like a top except for two things:
      > 1. When we start accelerating from a dead stop, the car jerks and seizes for about 1-2 seconds then starts going smoothly. Often, the same in reverse. If the car is rolling even slightly, we don't have the problem. We believe it's related to the speed sensor, perhaps in programming somewhere. Do others experience the same thing or, if this is unusual, does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix?
      > 2. When we are in motion, there is a lot of static and interference with AM radio stations (not with FM). When we come to a dead stop, the interference is gone. Feels like the antenna is picking up some emissions from the motor or controllers but would like to hear anyone's experience and suggestions for how to get AM stations clearly. Shielding radio or motor? Other?
      > Thanks to all in advance!!
      > Jack and Dianne
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