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763Force Chargers/Status Report

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  • Mike Chancey
    Feb 28, 2003
      Hi folks,

      Does anyone else have a Force equipped with the dual BC1000u chargers
      marked 220 VAC on the chargers? Are these able to opportunity charge on
      120 VAC? What I am reading in the manual is unclear so I wanted to be sure
      before I tried it. Also, my chargers are marked Sonn 1.4. I am assuming
      this refers to the charging algorithm that has been loaded on them. Is
      this the current version for those chargers in a lead acid Force?

      BTW, Solectria did get back with me about the damaged gearbox. They no
      longer stock or make that item, but they can make one up for me in about 3
      weeks. This was not an expense I had planned for, but without it that car
      would be useless, so there really isn't much choice.


      Mike Chancey,
      '95 Force (x2)
      '88 Civic EV
      Kansas City, Missouri
      EV List Photo Album at: http://evalbum.com
      My Electric Car at: http://www.geocities.com/electric_honda
      Mid-America EAA chapter at: http://maeaa.org
      Join the EV List at: http://www.madkatz.com/ev/evlist.html
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