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7319amc 325 and temps

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  • dexion111
    Jun 7, 2011
      Does anyone know the max operating temp for the 325?

      The brusa manual says the fans kick on at 40C (104F) and the current cuts back at 45C (113F.)

      With the air con running (and blowing hot air on the controller, which I think could be a bad design here heh) and after getting home from a one hour drive, my controller was 50C (122F at the fins and the motor was 74C (165F) and the air con dc motor was also 74C (165.)

      Im not too worried about the motors since the motor overheat trip is 150C (302F) i was only 1/2 way there.

      I am worried however about the controller. If they kick on the fans at 40 and start limiting at 45 it was running at 50 pretty much the whole way home (its about 35C (95F) ambient now outside) it can get to 40C just ambient around here at times.

      Am i worried about nothing do they have a max operating temp much higher than 45C?

      I didnt notice any lack of power. I do however drive around in normal not the power setting.

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