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7120Re: [solectria_ev] Replacement NLG4 CAP board

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  • Wolf
    Apr 6, 2011
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      I could part with some bare boards for $50.00 each. :)

      The board is a little on the pricey side, due to internal routes,
      non-plated thru holes, and it is a 4oz copper board.

      I want to fully populate one of the boards and test it out in my known good
      battery charger to make sure there are no issues, it looks like all the
      holes line up. :D

      Which board to you mean by "Control Board"?
      The board that plugs into the microprocessor board?
      Or the board in the box that Velcros to the side of the NLG4?

      Half of the chargers are for SAFT nicads... I still need to look into how
      hard it is to convert them into normal chargers. They seem to have less
      parts populated, then a normal charger.
      Unless anyone wants to purchase a SAFT charger. ;)

      I also have different version firmware for different chargers...
      I need to figure out if I can just upgrade them all to the latest verison of
      firmware, or are there hard ware mods that go along with the different
      firmware versions...
      Or perhaps it is best to just leave the hardware and firmware versions the

      *wags his tail*

      On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 9:29 AM, electric vehicle <ev@...> wrote:

      > hey wolf i would like to purchase a couple of those bds ..any idea on
      > pricing..also iam looking for a good controll bd for the nlg.. get in touch
      > with me via pvt email
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      > From: kevin lubot
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      > Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 9:44 AM
      > Subject: Re: [solectria_ev] Replacement NLG4 CAP board
      > Thank you wolfe. I haven't had to ask for help yet from you. I'm sure the
      > time will come. I for one appreciate the hard work in helping us keep our
      > cars/trucks on the road.
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      > From: Wolf <wolf@...>
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      > Subject: [solectria_ev] Replacement NLG4 CAP board
      > Due to the number of chargers I need to repair, with bad cap boards:
      > http://www.wolftronix.com/BC3300_1704/images/IMG_1166.jpg
      > And the hours it takes to get all the bad caps un-soldered, and most of the
      > time the board is really damaged...
      > I made an exact copy of the cap board:
      > http://www.wolftronix.com/BC3300/IMG_1279.JPG
      > Well, as close to an exact copy as I could get with a pair of calipers, and
      > a volt meter. ;)
      > The boards came in today, so I have not had a chance to build one up and
      > test it out...
      > I am planning on putting together a BRUSA NLG4 step by step repair guide
      > for
      > the do-it-your-selfers. :D
      > Wolf
      > *wags his tail*
      > www.wolftronix.com
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