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6982Re: Lithium Upgrades

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  • Wolf Packs, Inc.
    Jan 2, 2011
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      Good job Charles,

      I like your idea of having a more robust balancer. I still have to
      manually equalize my pack occasionally because my balancer can't keep
      up when the charger is at full output. There are often a few cells
      that reach the 3.8V shut-off point before the charger steps down it's
      output. Next week I'm sending the charger in to have the step-down
      point set a bit lower (167V instead of 173~175V).

      I moved 4 typically good cells into the most negative positions of my
      pack, spots 1 through 3, because these continually read lower in the
      morning than the rest of the pack. These previously proven good cells
      now show the lowest voltage in the morning. Typically #1 is the
      lowest. I have individual cell chargers that I occasionally use to
      bring them up to match the pack. I write this so that other converters
      will know that the cells nearest the negative cable in the front box
      drain slightly overnight, possibly due to the DC/DC always being on.

      Charles wrote:

      > The boxes are for compression of the cells, and sit inside the
      > existing boxes.

      I'm wondering if anyone on the list knows how much compression the
      100ah cells really need to keep from expanding. Mine came with four
      steel bands wrapped *very* tightly around each group of 4 cells.
      Pictures on the "Lithium Arrives" page of the blog. Mine don't get hot
      because I use a 120V charger set to pull 11 amps max. (I'm on a 15 amp
      breaker at work) so maybe it's only an issue if you are rapid
      charging. If you are putting individual cells into a box, I'm
      wondering if you can get the ends of the box to be tight and sturdy
      enough to prevent expansion and still get the cells into the box
      (without using oil and a sledge hammer ;-). I'm just guessing that my
      stock Solectria boxes would not keep the cells from expanding even if
      they were exactly the right dimension and I had to really squeeze them

      I will say that it's kinda fun to see the dash Ah meter reading 65 or
      70 and still have lots of energy left. I've only run the meter up to
      70 once. I'm still babying the pack because I'm hoping to run these
      cells until the wheels fall off the GEO, then use them in a car for my

      Pictures at:


      Paul Martin
      1997 Force
      Ashland, Oregon

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