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6981RE: [solectria_ev] Lithium Upgrades

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  • Charles Bliss
    Jan 1, 2011
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      New BMS that has been in development for some time. Has capability for
      throttle cutback, charger cycling and shunts a bit more current during
      charging than others. The charger is also new and auto switches input
      voltage, is about 40kw, and interfaces with the BMS.

      As to the box, I can post images of the models after I finish them, but what
      I am wondering now, is there enough interest for me to spend the extra time
      to make them production worthy or if I should just go one off. I have done
      a Prius box that I can post images of. Haven't finished the Solectria
      models yet.

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      Are there some pictures? What BMS?
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