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  • paul doe
    Dec 1, 2010
      Thank you!

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      Subject: [solectria_ev] Re: Revenge of the Electric Car needs Likes on Facebook
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      Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 10:41 AM

      This is way OT - Please consider this thread terminated


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      > Chris Paine's sequel to Who Killed the Electric Car? is in a bit of a pickle. Chris and his marketing team felt that they would play a little game with their fans and put up a challenge. The challenge being that they won't run the trailer to the movie until 10,000 visitors to their Facebook page give them the thumbs up. This is clicking the "like" button near the title of the movie on the page. Well, it has been a few weeks and the big run up that happened the first weeks seems to have stalled in the mid 6,000 range. Fans of Chris Paine and Who Killed the Electric Car are getting worried and beginning to express embarrassment over the fact that the numbers seem to be stuck. I want to assure you that I am not worried or embarrassed. It probably wasn't the best of marketing tactics, but in the end in may prove to be not that bad of an idea that is if we can get the very large EV movement to get behind this movie.
      > We shouldn't, however, let our friend Chris Paine look bad. We know there are thousands upon thousands of people involved with Plug-In America, the EAA chapters and Who Killed the Electric Car? fans who, if they knew about Chris's website, would gladly go to it and give it the thumbs up he deserves.
      > What I want members of our group to do is to go to Chris's website
      > http://www.facebook.com/revengeoftheelectriccar
      > and go to the thumbs up/like button to the right of the title and click it. You don't have to join Facebook to do this.
      > If you are a member of Facebook I also want you to go to the left side of the page and click on "Suggest to Friends." The "Suggest to Friends" button will allow you to tell friends to go to the Revenge of the Electric Car Facebook site and to click the like button as well. Also tell them to tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, until the entire planet will have visited Chris's Facebook page for his movie.
      > But seriously. We owe Chris a lot for what he has done for the electric vehicle movement. Let's help him out with this little gesture of kindness.
      > Sincerely,
      > Joe Lado


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