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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Dec 3, 2002
      Since the last POST on the group's status, all has been well.
      There has not been any serious problems with yahoo groups
      or email.

      Currently the SPAMMER bombardment had stopped for a week. I
      was getting two automated new users (ie: zwmsdxrdf@... )
      per day. But I just found one today, and the attacks are
      going to start up again. So, the vigil has to held.

      The petition process has been and is honed to communicate
      what has to been done. Regular changes to the petition
      message keeps the automated SPAMMERs re-writing their

      The petition has to be read and the procedure followed.
      A real person has to fill it out. Using a human brain as
      a filter, keeps out computer generated users that spread

      But it means that the person that is subscribing has to
      read the message and follow it. One could say, only
      people that use their brains get in.

      99% of the petitions returned are accepted. Most of the
      denied petitions are from SPAMMERs or people who do not
      read or will not read what it is asking be done.

      There is also an auto time-out. If a requestor takes too
      many days to respond, their subscription times out. This
      limits harvesters access to message text.

      If users of the group find SPAMMERs POSTing or placing
      SPAM on the group please let me know. I need your
      assistance to manage over thirty groups.

      Thank you for keeping the group clean and focused.


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