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671RE: [force_ev] dead force

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  • Tom Hudson
    Nov 1, 2002
      I'd unplug the motor controller at the large gray connector under the hood
      and measure the voltage across the connector terminals. If the main battery
      fuses are OK, you should have 156VDC there. If no voltage there, you'll
      have to check those fuses, one located in each battery box. If you have
      voltage on the main connector, which from your description of the problem is
      unlikely, you should check the fuses in the DC fusebox, located under the
      hood. I say it's unlikely because for the radio to go out, that means the
      DC-DC converter's fuse would be blown, and for the Ah-counter to go blank,
      its fuse would have to be blown as well. Two fuses blowing out
      simultaneously is very unlikely.

      Good luck!


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      > From: Earl Killian [mailto:force_ev@...]
      > Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 1:47 PM
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      > Subject: [force_ev] dead force
      > I went out the drive off just now. I unplugged the car, got in (the
      > Ah meter read 1.76 -- i.e. it wasn't quite fully charged), turned on
      > the "ignition" and the radio turned on briefly, and then LCD display
      > went haywire, and the radio and LCD went off completely. It seems to
      > have "blown a fuse" figuratively. I'm now late for my appt, so I have
      > to take another car, but I'm hoping some reader of this list will have
      > some suggestions for me when I get back.
      > -Earl
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