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6631Hand brake warning buzzer & light Troubleshooting

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  • ldr214
    Aug 1, 2010
      The buzzer and light that warns you the hand brake isn't set full on my car has been a bit "flaky" lately and this morning it totally quit working.

      Traced out the circuit checking all the possibilites and the problem appears to have been in one of the T-taps under the dash. There are 3 potential taps in the under dash connection. I had the brake set when I took a pliers to each of them so I don't know which one was at fault but after squeezing them the problem is fixed.

      I started at the switch as my back doesn't do well with the under the dash stuff.

      Was able to get the black power control area nice and clean with the console off. So it wasn't a total waste. And I'm not sure if I would have found the right taps starting at the dash end.

      There is a black insulation covered wire bundle that comes out from under the console on the driver side and stays right on the lower edge of the under dash. It contains a red/white & a Orange wire. The orange taps a white very close to were it exits the black covering and the red/white is involeved in 2 other taps a bit further in.

      Mike R
      97 Force

      PS I believe the harness was a pre-made item as it was labled and initialed but the routing could be slightly different on your car as each was assemble by hand.