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  • Mike Merbach
    Jan 5, 2010
      I guess when I saw  (the potential) to draw 9 amps in section three, it seemed odd to me that I would want to continue to Make heat and use (consume) current.

      What set me off: "Section Four of the NLG4 profile that is saved in the files section had no criterion. Yet Section five has a pass over to stop text in the upper right hand corner...." I was unsure why that text is there and what was triggering the pass-over to stop.
      I understand the forever float, I just did not want to waste current at a rate of 9 amps. I too have unplugged the charger from the car leaving the tray heaters on.
      I have resigned to make a summer and winter profile.

      thanks for the input. Mike R and Charles.

      Mike M


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      Mike I'm not exactly sure about your question. I agree with Ken that it just floats forever in section 3 of the factory gel profile. The green light indicating charge complete is turned on by the criteria section at the bottom of the profile page. That light doesn't in of itself mean anything except that it is turned on by the charger when the charger is in that section. You can set any combination of lights.

      The charger goes to sect 3 "finished" section when it has completed sect 2. In the factory profile section 2 is normally complete when the charger has put out 10% of the amount of charge (in energy/not time) it used in section 1.
      Example 10 AHs in section 1, would be 1 AH in section 2 and as soon as that happens it goes to section 3. The numbers the charger is using will not always be the same as on the dash AH meter.

      Many chargers do in fact shutdown or "finish" when they complete the profile. The factory profile for the Solectria Force gel maintains the charger at a "ready state" to supply up to 9 amps of charging current at 175.5V to maintain a full pack.

      Section 4 and 5 are not used in the factory profile as there is no profile reason for the charger to leave section 3.

      FWIW I personally unplug my charger on hot summer days as even in the float section I can see the internal temp slowly climb and with the pack temp also climbing there is pretty much no reason for me to have it plugged in when using it daily. I also changed my section 3 so it times out after 12 hours and goes to section 4 with a slightly lower float voltage as recommended by Greensaver. Some other users have inserted a modified section 1 which starts the charge at a very reduced amperage prior to continuing with the factory profile. so they also have 4 or more sections active. This eliminates the initial plug-in power surge.

      Other than the NLG5 this is probably the most versatile easily modified user freindly charger available. Just not super robust

      Mike R
      97 Force

      --- In solectria_ev@ yahoogroups. com, Mike Merbach <merbach1@.. .> wrote:
      > Thanks to whomever loaded the NLG$ charging profile for the gel cells.
      > My only question to the group in regards to the profile is "What criterion does the charger use to finish?"
      > Section five is: Pass over to Stop.
      > But how does it know when, I can't seem to find a time variable to indicate when passes.
      > Mike
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