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5996Re: [solectria_ev] Ignition Board 2.1 Schematic Files - From Beth Silverman Azure Dynamics

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  • Wolf
    Dec 1, 2009
      If I could get permission from Azure Dynamics to recreate the board, I
      could do it... :)

      I use Altium Designer, but it will import Orcad files (the .DSN and .MAX
      files)... Or I could just recreate the schematic from the PDF...

      I would also need access to an ignition module, so I could recreate all
      the footprints and componet spacing... if you want an exact copy. :)

      The hardest part might be finding the same plastic project box...

      *wags his tail*

      > Many,many thanks to Beth Silverman of Azure Dynamics for finding files for
      > the ignition board I need. Check under the Files section for the ignition
      > board folder. Also a hand drawn diagram of connectors and wires.
      > The Orcad file is in PDF and can't be imported back into Orcad.
      > I could ask if Beth could get the Orcad file in another format .
      > Has anyone made a PCB layout with one of the CAD programs.
      > There are PCB companies that could make a few prototypes .
      > This is outside of my skill set, right now.
      > Any help in laying out the board etc will be appreciated.
      > At least I know where the plugs and wires go too !
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