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  • mikep_95133
    Nov 16, 2009
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      There are two links on this page under 'Low Rolling Resistance Tires', that have LRR tire reports. The one from Greenseal is there, but there is a newer one that might also help.


      Someday the law is suppose to require the LRR coefficient to be on the sidewalls. But they keep pushing the date out.

      I bought some LRR tires from Walmart. They are Goodyear Viva2. Only sold through Walmart. They were on the Greenseal list. They are only at .010 coefficient, but at least they were verified as LRR. They are 44psi tires that I have run at 50psi for several years now. The difference from 44 to 50 is noticeable. But going from non-LRR tires to LRR tires was very noticeable.

      Also adding synthetic lube to the transmission and rear end (truck), along with setting the front end toe-in alignment to zero toe-in, gave a measured 10% improvement in efficiency the very next day, and every day ever since.

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