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5590Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Isolating a Solectria DC-DC converter

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  • Ken Olum
    Aug 12, 2009
      From: "rod864" <rod864@...>
      Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 01:29:47 -0000

      Does this help?


      Thanks. I think this is what I want, although I'm having trouble
      getting the manufacturer to tell me for sure whether it disconnects
      both power wires when it trips. Do you by any chance have this unit?

      The PFC chargers are...built by economy-minded EV hobbyists for
      economy-minded EV hobbyists. If you're after the most charging
      power for the least dollars, one may be exactly what you want. But
      they're in a completely different class from the Swiss-watch Brusa
      chargers originally provided with most Solectrias. They're not
      consistent with the refinement and quality of Solectria's work on
      these vehicles, IMO, but of course they cost less.

      It's not the cost. I would have paid the $4K for a Brusa NLG5, if
      it had the ability to charge at the full rate that the 110V outlet can
      supply, rather than being only 1kw on 110V. The PFC-20 can draw up to
      20A from 110VAC, and the input current is easily limited by a knob.

      Furthermore, like so many of its ilk, my previous "Swiss-watch" NLG4
      did not keep on ticking.

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