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5582Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Isolating a Solectria DC-DC converter

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  • Wolf
    Aug 10 7:17 PM
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      You replied while I was writing my reply... ;)

      As an EE, I can confirm that every part is important and has a function,
      it would cost more money to put in extra random parts. ;)

      The mostly likely problem, is that the small caps are starting to fail,
      and they are leaking, or one has failed 100% and is shorted...

      An Ideal cap blocks all DC current, so with it in series with a resistor,
      you would have no current flow. AC current would need to be a very high
      frequency to pass.

      *wags his tail*

      > --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, Ken Olum <kdo@...> wrote:
      >> The purpose of the stuff above is hard to fathom, especially since in
      >> normal use the 12V- output will be connected to the case.
      > I'm not a EE, so this is a pure WAG - but maybe the small ones are
      > for noise or parasitic oscillation suppression? The larger ones
      > across input might be for surge load handling, and the ones across
      > the output might be for smoothing (filtering).
      > Wolf would surely be more knowledgable about such matters than I.
      > I'm sure they have *some* purpose. It's hard to imagine Solectria
      > adding extraneous components.
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