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5578Re: [solectria_ev] Isolating a Solectria DC-DC converter

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  • Ken Olum
    Aug 10, 2009
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      I traced out the circuitry on the Solectria DCDC750. If I haven't
      made any mistake, it's like this:

      HV+ -- C3 -- R4 -- Case
      HV- -- C2 -- R3 -- Case

      12V+ -- C5 -- Case
      12V+ -- R2 -- Case
      12V- -- C4 -- Case
      12V- -- R1 -- Case

      C2-C5 are 0.2mfd. R1,R2 are 1 megaohm. R3,R4 are 1 ohm.

      In addition there are much higher value capacitors across the input
      and across the output.

      The purpose of the stuff above is hard to fathom, especially since in
      normal use the 12V- output will be connected to the case. In any
      event, I left the low voltage stuff alone and removed R3 and R4 to
      disconnect the high-voltage side from the case and the 12V.

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