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5481Re: E-10 Differential?

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  • evpilot
    Jul 3, 2009

      > A guy at work that builds Hot Rods, called it a "quick change rear end"
      > and that its an older model used in chevy based racing Hot Rods, since it
      > can handle more horse power then the stock S-10 rear end.
      > I think solectria used it cause it has thicker axel supports and larger
      > barings to hold the extra battery weight.

      I wish.. (Meaning I'd like it to be one of those..)

      Your link is to "Quick Change Rear ends" and the price tag on them will reflect accordingly. (I couldn't afford one.)

      Having been involved in Stock car racing I recognize them, the Solectria ones aren't quick change.

      Most back yard Race Car/Hot-Rod builders use a Ford 9" or a 12 bolt GM because they can get the gear ratios they want and they can stand the torque. (Unless they have very deep pockets.)

      I just wondered what they came from, having never ran across one in any of my junk yards.

      I posted a picture of mine on my EVAlbum page earlier today.

      Jim - Glendale, AZ
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