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5474Re: [solectria_ev] E-10 Differential?

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  • Wolf
    Jul 1, 2009
      This is the one that is in my E10:

      A guy at work that builds Hot Rods, called it a "quick change rear end"
      and that its an older model used in chevy based racing Hot Rods, since it
      can handle more horse power then the stock S-10 rear end.

      I think solectria used it cause it has thicker axel supports and larger
      barings to hold the extra battery weight.

      A quick google image search finds a buch of them:

      Hope this helps. :)

      *wags his tail*

      > Would all you E-10 owners take a look at the photo's of Jeff Wilson's E-10
      > on the EVAlbum. (www.evalbum.com then search by make.. Solectria)
      > The only photo's that I have seen have that type of differential.. mine is
      > waay different. The differential in those pictures is of a type that I
      > haven't seen since the '40's. The last differential that I saw with the
      > axle housings bolted to the sides was on a Model-T.
      > I was under the impression that Solectria used the stock S-10 differential
      > and turned it around and drove it backwards. Mine looks like the stock
      > S-10
      > rear end that has the pinion going into the rear but the differential is
      > still facing forward. It appears that the rear cover was removed and an
      > aluminum section to house the pinion was added while the front was capped
      > off.
      > My problem is that I have what feels like "wheel hop" between 35 and 45
      > Mph. I have done the encoder test and it tests perfect on both motors.
      > There is a lot of slop in the spiders and this seems to be where it is
      > from. I don't want to rebuild the rear end, just swap it out.
      > I visited the U-pull it salvage yard today and couldn't find a 95/96 S-10.
      > I found many older ones with what looked like the same 10-bolt rear ends.
      > I
      > also found a 2003 with what looked like my type but the yoke and
      > driveshaft
      > appeared to be different.
      > I can't imagine GM redesigning the rear end for the 94 and up S-10's, but
      > what do I know.
      > Where did Solectria come up with those differentials and does anyone know
      > what the gear ratio is?
      > Thanks,
      > Jim - Glendale, AZ
      > www.evalbum.com/1703
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