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5473Re: [solectria_ev] E-10 Differential?

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  • kevin gildea
    Jul 1, 2009
      It says in the e10 manual somewhere that the rear springs are not stock and
      were special 'made' by solectria...possibly the axle was also 'made' by
      solectria and came as a complete section including the differential, axle
      and springs...good luck. kevin

      On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 6:23 PM, Arthur Marquardt <a-marquardt@...>wrote:

      > My E10LS has the same type differential as Jeff Wilson's. My regular S-10
      > doesn't.
      > Art
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      > Subject: [solectria_ev] E-10 Differential?
      > Would all you E-10 owners take a look at the photo's of Jeff Wilson's E-10
      > on the EVAlbum. (www.evalbum. com then search by make.. Solectria)
      > The only photo's that I have seen have that type of differential. . mine is
      > waay different. The differential in those pictures is of a type that I
      > haven't seen since the '40's. The last differential that I saw with the
      > axle housings bolted to the sides was on a Model-T.
      > I was under the impression that Solectria used the stock S-10 differential
      > and turned it around and drove it backwards. Mine looks like the stock S-10
      > rear end that has the pinion going into the rear but the differential is
      > still facing forward. It appears that the rear cover was removed and an
      > aluminum section to house the pinion was added while the front was capped
      > off.
      > My problem is that I have what feels like "wheel hop" between 35 and 45
      > Mph. I have done the encoder test and it tests perfect on both motors.
      > There is a lot of slop in the spiders and this seems to be where it is
      > from. I don't want to rebuild the rear end, just swap it out.
      > I visited the U-pull it salvage yard today and couldn't find a 95/96 S-10.
      > I found many older ones with what looked like the same 10-bolt rear ends. I
      > also found a 2003 with what looked like my type but the yoke and driveshaft
      > appeared to be different.
      > I can't imagine GM redesigning the rear end for the 94 and up S-10's, but
      > what do I know.
      > Where did Solectria come up with those differentials and does anyone know
      > what the gear ratio is?
      > Thanks,
      > Jim - Glendale, AZ
      > www.evalbum. com/1703
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