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  • Robert Strattan
    Jun 9, 2009
      I just received my HF/PFC 4000 Charger last Friday from Greg & company at ElCon and have done 3 charges with it so far, all with no problems. I haven't worked out the final mounting yet, but it looks like I can mount it several different places in the trunk area.

      It is isolated and has a single channel temperature probe. The power cord had a 30 A 250 V twist lock plug that I couldn't find a receptacle match to any hardware stores over the week-end, but I have changed it to a more common design that will work for both 120 and 240 V sources. My '97 Force is wired with a 120 V plug in the gas flap for the old BC1600 that has failed. I am using that for 120 V charging, then un-plug in the trunk to go to external 240 V source for that charging.

      There is a + high voltage pig tail at the battery SB50 connector labeled to use for charger interlock, goes to 0 when charging. Haven't figured out how I'm going to use that yet.

      When charging from 240 V, it starts at 23 Adc to the battery, then tapers down to slightly over an Amp at the finish. When charging from 120 V, it delivers 12 A to the battery while drawing slightly over 20 A ac from the line, but the 20 A circuit breaker has tolerated it so far. I haven't seen it taking the battery above 176 V. The documentation shows an IUIU curve just as a Zivan, but so far it looks like an IU curve to me.

      I'm well pleased with it. The cost was $1,380 plus shipping.

      Bob Strattan
      Tulsa, OK
      '97 Force

      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, Ken Olum <kdo@...> wrote:
      > According to Greg McCrea, it is isolated and there is temperature
      > compensation (only one channel, naturally). The current draw on
      > 110VAC can be programmed, but apparently only by him -- not by the
      > end user.
      > Ken
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