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4772AMC320 repair

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  • Wolf
    Dec 1, 2008
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      I have recieved a non-working AMC320 motor controller for repair...

      I did not have that much time to look at it over the weekend, (due to the
      holiday), So I just took off the covers and did a visual inspection of all
      the parts and checked the fuses...

      The one thing that looks a bit odd is that the microcontroller seems to be
      missing its firmware... I would expect these two sockets to be populated
      with a "Hi" and "Lo" EPROMs...


      My E-10 is powered by two AMC320s and I have not opened up one of my
      controllers (well, not that part anyway), to look if these sockets are
      populated in mine.

      My AMC320 controllers are probably 2 years later in design, they have a
      one peice cover, which looks to be more difficult to get into.

      I will open one of mine up this weekend to check it out... but in the mean
      time, has anyone had there controller opened up? Did it have these sockets
      populated? I would expect two windowed ceramic EPROMs, or two plastic

      I also can't seem to find my RS485 to RS232 converter, so I will have to
      make another one...

      Thanks for any help.

      Oh, all the pics taken thus far are here:

      Its kind of scary when you look at the high power section... all the
      current for each leg of the 3 phase drive flows thru only 8 tiny MOSFET
      pins... http://www.wolftronix.com/amc320/images/PB290067.jpg

      *wags his tail*
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