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4592Re: [solectria_ev] One cell of one battery - HOT

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  • sioux ammerman
    Oct 14 3:17 PM
      So the finish to the story is that I was lucky and it was easy.
      The battery was in the easiest place to replace it, right rear end one in
      the trunk. I checked the voltage on all the batteries and they were all
      within 0.07 volts of each other, including the new one. Some guy walked
      past and started asking questions about the batteries just as I was ready to
      pull the old one, so he was enlisted to assist. The new one slid right into
      the hole like butter, and the short test drive was very smooth. I need to
      get a different size nut and lock washer, and will be sure to crank it down
      I'm back on the road!
      Thanks everyone for the advice and offers. I appreciate it very much.

      '96 Force fed by the sun.

      On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 2:46 PM, sioux ammerman <siouxtrees@...> wrote:

      > Well, this is a great group. 2 people offered a battery they had laying
      > around. Unfortunately, the batteries were all G27, and mine at G31. I'll
      > just bite the bumper and buy a new one at the nearby shop.
      > Thanks everyone for the help and encouragement.
      > Sioux
      > On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 5:13 AM, Ken Olum <kdo@...>wrote:
      >> I replaced a single one of the 8G27's in my pack at 16K miles. (See
      >> http://www.nabble.com/single-bad-battery-p13087477ef25542.html) One
      >> year and 7500 miles later, this was obviously a good decision, since
      >> everything is going well with only a limited decline in range (to
      >> about 35Ah).
      >> Ken Olum
      >> 1998 Force
      >> ------------------------------------
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links

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