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438Sparrow Eye-Candy @ North Bay EAA Chapter meeting Sat 3/9 10am

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Mar 2, 2002
      Nick Carter <nick@...> NBEAA President wrote:

      Come treat your eyes to some EV eye candy at the next Electric Auto
      Association - North Bay Chapter meeting, to be held Saturday March 9th
      10AM-12noon at Sweet Motors.

      Colorful Corbin Sparrows will be on-hand as Terry and Karen Sweet
      show-and-tell us these unique personal-mobility vehicles. Additionally,
      we hope to have Peter Senkowsky, a notable figure in Sparrow history,
      at the meeting to give a technical and behind-the-scenes history of how
      the current flock of Sparrows grew their wings.

      [ http://sweetmotors.com ]
      516 Frazier Ave.
      Santa Rosa, CA
      (707) 525-9222

      [All EAA meetings are free and open to the public. Please see the NBEAA
      chapter site http://geocities.com/nbeaa for a map. Please come join us
      and enjoy the fun.]

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