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416Re: seeking: where to install Santa Rosa public EV chargers

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Feb 4, 2002
      The EV charging site I built is

      On the second page of my site http://geocities.com/brucedp
      I have links to EV charging maps and more.

      Some EV drivers are interested in speed, distance, or other
      activities. My main focus is charging.

      I spear headed EV charging installations at Hewlett-Packard,
      and have done presentations on how to install EV charging
      at company sites.

      I have six chargers in my Blazer EV allowing me to charge as
      fast as you have outlets (I have gotten a 50 mile recharge
      down to 1.5 hours using my 100 amp charging current ability).

      Using this ability allowed me to stair step charge my way to
      Sacramento using public charging. This also allows me to state
      what works and what does not.

      CARB has set the standard to Conductive AVCON EV charging. While
      GM is still grumbling about this, inductive users have moved
      forward to embrace conductive as it would cost much less to
      put in and more public charging sites would be installed.

      EV charging is best when installed every 40 miles, with an AVCON
      powerpak and a 5-20 20amp duplex gfi outlet with tymac weather
      tight enclosures. This allows Production EVs, conversion EVs,
      neighborhood EVs, and Ebikes to use the spots. This truely is
      the EVI envisioned Level 1 and Level 2 charging.

      The location of these spots should be not in front, but located
      where gas car are less likely to park, and near power panels.
      Locating these spots in the rear, or along the back/side where
      gas car do not go, with 24 hour access, will keep the gas cars
      out of the EV spots (unlike at Costco's).

      EV charging locations should be at a host that has something for
      the EV driver to do and spend their money while they charge.

      Some local EAA http://eaaev.org chapters offer a free EAA EV
      parking sign for each new EV charging spot. As EVents Officer of
      the San Jose EAA Chapter, we seek out hosts and offer most of
      the installation equipment cost covered by our treasury funds.
      We feel this serves the EAA purpose of promoting public EV use.


      --- Thomas Cook <Hi2Thomas@...com> wrote:
      > Hi Bruce.
      > I seem to remember that you had a list of what a charging station
      > should
      > include. (What type of outlets and where to place them) Could you
      > send them
      > the link to the charging page. I can't find it at the moment. Thanks,
      > Thomas Cook

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