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415seeking: where to install Santa Rosa public EV chargers

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  • Bruce EVangel Parmenter
    Feb 4, 2002
      Please read Nick's efforts and give your input to where
      the public EV chargers should be located.

      Re: Address to Santa Rosa city council
      --- Nick Carter <nick@...> wrote:
      > Update on EV chargers in Santa Rosa
      > After a successful meeting today, we now have a commitment
      > from the City Manager to work with us on installing public
      > EV chargers in Santa Rosa. The next step is to decide on the
      > best locations.
      > I urge all EV drivers to write to the City Manager
      > and Assistant Manager with suggestions, to express support
      > for this undertaking and to promise to visit Santa Rosa once
      > the chargers are in place! Their e-mails are:-
      > JKolin@...-rosa.ca.us
      > mrichardson@...-rosa.ca.us
      > Thanks to Jenny Bard (American Lung Association) and
      > Chuck Hammond (Equipment Superintendent, City of Santa Rosa)
      > for their support with this endeavour.
      > Best wishes to all,
      > Dr Nick Carter,
      > Owner, npc Imaging and Th!nk EV driver,
      > 3000 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 209,
      > Santa Rosa CA 95403-2117
      > nick@... Tel/fax: +1 (707) 573 9361
      > http://www.npcimaging.com

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