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365Re: [force_ev] Power and lack thereof

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Oct 30 7:31 AM
      At 15:15 10/27/2001 -0400, you wrote:
      >Too bad Solectria didn't fit all cars with voltmeters. This was an
      >option which should have been standard, as it alerts you to these kinds
      >of problems.

      I've designed and built an instrument for the Force that monitors the
      voltage on each battery. The display fits into the blank spot in the dash.
      An article about it is scheduled for publication in the next issue of
      Current EVents. The instrument clearly shows what happens if you
      regenerate hard on a fully charged pack -- uneven overvoltage -- not good!

      I'd be glad to provide advice or help to anybody who wants to do the same
      thing. Watch for the article!

      Gordon Stallings
      1999 Solectria Force
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