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354Excellent Press! KITS 105.3 Sun 6am-8am EV Solar SF CA

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  • Mike Thompson
    Sep 7, 2001
      Sunday 9/9/2001 6-8am on KITS FM radio 105.3 San Francisco Bay area.

      I just got awarded the 2001 Clean Air Champion from the Bay Area Air
      Quality Management District.

      Way, way cool! Especially since I got to meet the other 4 winners who are
      helping us all to stay healthy by cleaning the air. Being in there
      company, you start to chant "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy..." I'm really
      excited about this and the opportunities it gives us to get the word out
      that people do have choices and we can have healthy for our kids if we
      make better choices now.

      The plaque and the gift certificates I got to GAIAM are outstanding but
      what's even better is the opportunities that come with it to reach the
      public with Clean Alternatives. Harry Osibin of Live 105.3
      and Alice 97.3
      San Francisco, California is a real media ally! He interviewed me and will
      follow up with interviews of the other Clean Air Champions to broadcast on
      his radio shows.

      The interview airs this Sunday 9/9/2001 6-8am on KITS FM radio 105.3 San
      Francisco Bay area. It should be about 15 minutes, probably between
      6:30-7am but might be anytime in the 6-8am show.

      Later, "A rainbow is only part of a circle." San Joser, CA
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