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3420Re: 120 v 1994 Geo Metro Charger Fan

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  • packratdaddy
    Jan 4, 2008

      Turns out the charger has a temp sensor. The fan kicked on by
      itself after a while. Don't know what kind of charger it is yet. I
      connected the DC-DC converter . The Amp meter works and the DOME light !!!

      The batteries were charging strongly at 14-15v each. I got them to
      go up from .1 v to 9 v. I don't think there are any amps behind the
      voltage reading. I'm just trying to see if I can get anything out of
      them to test the controller and motor. They are NF22 batteries from
      Interstate and are rated at 12v - 55ah .

      Frigid in New England !

      Thanks All.
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