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3419Re: [solectria_ev] 120 v 1994 Geo Metro Charger Fan

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  • Gerard (Gary) Carlson
    Jan 1, 2008
      Pack Rat:

      My 1992 Solectria 120 volt charger's fan is directly wired to the incoming 120 volts so it is always on.? My charger has a grill over the fan that can get bent and block the fan blade from rotating.? Check that the blade turns freely and if necessary, open up the charger and trace the fan wires to see if they connected directly to the incoming 120 or go through a switch of some kind.

      I think you were wise to unplug it and check? first about the fan.


      Gary Carlson
      1992 Solectria Force:? AMPEATR

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      Subject: [solectria_ev] 120 v 1994 Geo Metro Charger Fan

      Just wired up the power to the 1994 Geo Metro .
      The 120v charger is working but the fan did'nt come on.
      I'm not sure if it has a temp sensor that kicks it
      on or should it alway be on.
      I unplugged the car so as not to fry anything.
      The charger is labeled Solectria on it.

      Any ideas?


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