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3408Re: Understanding Monlog Data for Brusa NLG4 (warning, long post)

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  • ldr214
    Dec 27, 2007
      I recalled your old post when I was looking through some files tonight.

      > I have been trying to decipher the rather crytic text displayed on
      > the Monlog screen. Below is a rough snapshot of the text. Note this
      > is coming from a car with a 156V lead acid pack............

      I hope you got the answer you were looking for back in September.
      Here is the info from the Brusa readme files. I put a copy in the
      files section it has a pretty good description. It is a text file
      PRG_E. Here is partial list of the text in the Monolog in case some
      one searches messages they will likely get a hit here.

      Description of the program NLGMON.EXE

      Status: operating or error status of the NLG4 (Status 0 = O.K.)
      decimal number, wich consists (additiv) of:
      > malfunction * 1
      > error overvoltage mains * 2
      > error overvoltage battery * 4
      > error connection battery temp. sensor #1 * 8
      > error connection battery temp. sensor #2 * 16
      > error overtemperature battery * 32
      > error maximum energy overflow * 64
      > error maximum charge overflow * 128
      > error maximum time overflow * 256

      Section: section of the charing profile
      Imains : current from mains
      Ibatt : current to battery
      Um_pk : voltage mains peak value
      Umeff : voltage mains effective value
      Ubatt : voltage of the battery
      Tpstg : temperature of the power stage
      Tbat1 : temperature battery sensor #1
      Tbat2 : temperature battery sensor #2
      Tbatt : the maximum of the sensor #1 and the sensor #2 temperature
      power : value of the power-limitating potentiometer in percent
      Pprim : primary (input) power
      Psec : secondary (output) power
      F_out : nominal switching frequency of the power stage

      The following values are listed separatly for each section, as sum
      over all
      sections and as accumulated total value for the battery or charger life.

      time : charging time
      charge : charged amp.-hours
      energy : charged amount of energy
      UB min.: minimum battery voltage
      UB max.: maximum battery voltage
      TB min.: minimum battery temperature
      TB max.: maximum battery temperature

      With "calc.รค" some program internal sums for overcharge calculations
      can be
      also shown on the screen.

      For SAFT profile (special charger) there is also:

      Pilot : software amp.-hour counter
      OvrChrg: total overcharged amp.-hours (reset after maint.-chrg)
      DisChrg: total discharged amp.-hours
      NormChr: total normal-charged amp.-hours
      FastChr: total fast-charged amp.-hours
      NextEqu: discharged amp.-hours for the next equalisation charge
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