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  • David Patterson
    Dec 3, 2007
      Glad I could help and that you were able to get your AH meter working. My opinion, next to the original charger issues which are well documented in this forum, I believe the AH meter is the next "weak link", at least in my vehicles. I suspect many have "failed" for the same reason, particularly in the vehicles that are/where used where there is high humidity and wide temperature changes (Eastern US) causing moisture to break down the conformal coating in the close spaces between the Vbat foil patterns, etc.

      I think it speaks well of this forum when we can exchange this type of information and keep the vehicles operating. Hopefully others may be able to "repair" their meters, too.

      David Patterson

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      Thanks for the advise. I got a person at Georgia Tech to do what you
      suggested, bypassing the short and replacing the resistor, and the AH
      counter is working once again.


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      > Stephen:
      > Long answer:
      > I have had some success in repairing the shorting problem at or
      near the connector on the circuit board. If the 100 ma fuse inside is
      good, chances are the board/circuit is OK and the filter resistor
      acted as a fuse when input shorted over at edge of circuit board.
      Look at that area for burned board traces, water trails, etc. I
      isolated and bypassed that area and ran wire from screw connector to
      inside board fuse holder after cleaning up burnt area. Coated with
      clear RTV to further isolate.
      > You also have another 2 amp fuse for the AH meter under the hood,
      in added fuse box.
      > I am not sure that the resistor was 1000 ohms but when short was
      repaired, resistor replaced, unit is working OK. Filter is not
      documented in any diagrams I have seen.
      > Short answer:
      > You may be able to save the unit, It is worth giving it a look. I
      don't think BRUSA makes the meter anymore, other brands are
      available. See Xantrex Link 10 product for example.
      > David Patterson

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