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3353Re: AH Counter

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  • sparrow262
    Dec 3, 2007

      Thanks for the advise. I got a person at Georgia Tech to do what you
      suggested, bypassing the short and replacing the resistor, and the AH
      counter is working once again.


      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "David Patterson"
      <DRPatterson@...> wrote:
      > Stephen:
      > Long answer:
      > I have had some success in repairing the shorting problem at or
      near the connector on the circuit board. If the 100 ma fuse inside is
      good, chances are the board/circuit is OK and the filter resistor
      acted as a fuse when input shorted over at edge of circuit board.
      Look at that area for burned board traces, water trails, etc. I
      isolated and bypassed that area and ran wire from screw connector to
      inside board fuse holder after cleaning up burnt area. Coated with
      clear RTV to further isolate.
      > You also have another 2 amp fuse for the AH meter under the hood,
      in added fuse box.
      > I am not sure that the resistor was 1000 ohms but when short was
      repaired, resistor replaced, unit is working OK. Filter is not
      documented in any diagrams I have seen.
      > Short answer:
      > You may be able to save the unit, It is worth giving it a look. I
      don't think BRUSA makes the meter anymore, other brands are
      available. See Xantrex Link 10 product for example.
      > David Patterson
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