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3280AH Counter

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  • Stephen Taylor
    Nov 9, 2007
      My AH counter died a while back and I am just now trying to trouble shoot it. So far I have determined that the pack voltage isn't getting to the AH counter box. The voltage, however, is present on the car side of the 4 pin Deutch connector. I disconnected the deutch and pulled the box out. I noted that there was a big lump between the connector and the box screw terminals so I cut that open and found that the Red Pack Positive Wire was broken. With my bad eyesight I thought I should just fix the break, but as I got to working I noted that whatever was broken looked more like some kind of resistor or something. It has a blue dot on the top and isn't more than an eighth of an inch long.

      Does anyone know what it is (including its value/stats) and where to get a replacement.

      Stephen Taylor

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