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3189Re: Understanding Monlog Data for Brusa NLG4 (warning, long post)

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  • rod864
    Sep 24, 2007
      I think you have it about right. I is current and U is voltage. I'd
      guess that Um_pk is the peak voltage of the AC sine wave on the input
      (mains) and Um_eff is the average or RMS voltage, I don't know which.

      Tpstg is the temperature of the charger's power semiconductors. The
      charger is a switching type, and F_out is the frequency at which the
      power supply is chopping the rectified DC from the mains. This seems
      to vary as the charger varies its output.

      I don't know for sure about Pprim, but I'd guess it's current power
      being used from the mains (that is "power at primary," meaning the
      primary of the power transformer). Psec ("power at secondary") is
      probably power being delivered to the battery or, more precisely,
      power measured at the secondary of the power transformer.

      I think the energy (lower part of the table) is actually Wh delivered
      to the battery, not Wh consumed from the mains, but I'm not sure. Not
      so sure about power% but it may refer to the fact that these chargers
      have an external input that allows one to throttle the charger back
      for lower power usage. I think CalcE refers to internal calculations
      that the charger's firmware is able to carry out for some kinds of
      charge profiles, but it's probably not used here.

      Tbat1 is the temp read by temp sender #1, Tbat2 the temp from sender
      #2, and Tbatt is probably either the higher of the two or the average
      of the two, I don't know which. Tbmin and Tbmax would be the minimum
      and maximum battery temperatures seen during this charge cycle Ubmin
      would be the minimum battery voltage the charger's processor has seen
      since the charge cycle started, Ubmax the maximum.

      The "sections" refer to the charge stages; the charger moves through
      these, using different parameters in each, as the charge progresses
      and certain conditions are met (or at least it >should< move through
      them). If you load a copy of the control software (nlg_e.exe) and
      experiment with it on your computer - you don't have to have the
      charger connected, but you may have to run it under DOS 6 - some of
      how this works may become more clear.

      If you don't have a copy of the manual, try this one :


      Hope this helps.


      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "larsthelean" <larsthelean@...>
      > I have been trying to decipher the rather crytic text displayed on
      > the Monlog screen. Below is a rough snapshot of the text. Note this
      > is coming from a car with a 156V lead acid pack.
      > COMBI - monitor program on COM 1: Version 2.44, Brusa Elektronik Co,
      > 1997
      > Status NLG4:0 Um_pk[V]:330.00 Tpstg[C]47.53 power[%]100.00
      > Imains[Amp]:15.100 Um_eff[V]:246.00 Tbat1[C]31.10 Pprim[W]3680
      > Ibatt[Amp]:18.802 Ubatt[V]:178.00 Tbat2[C]31.5 F_out[Hz]:50000
      > Tbatt[C]31.50 Psec[W]3348
      > Section:1 Sect1 Sect2 Sect3 Sect4 Sum1-5 total Calc E
      > time [min] 38.1 0.0 0.0 0.0 38.1 357913.9 0.0
      > charge[ah] 12.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 12.0 35194.5 -1.3
      > energy[wh] 2338 0 0 0 2338 6944521 0
      > UBmin[V] 151.57 499.99 499.99 499.99 151.57 1.80
      > UBmax[V] 178.28 0 0 0 178.28 251.36
      > TBmin[C] 31.54 100.00 100.00 100.00 31.54 -25
      > TBmax[C] 32.12 -100.00 -100.00 -100.00 32.12 51.61
      > I'll try to explain the fields that I think I understand, and then
      > ask if anyone can help with the remainder.
      > All of the fields with [C] also have the little degree sign, so they
      > are obviously associated with temperature in celsius. All of the
      > fields with [V] would be in volts, [ah] would be amp-hours, [min] is
      > minutes, [%] is percentage.
      > Status NLG4: 0 should give the charger's current status, with 0 being
      > in good health and a different number means something is wrong, per
      > the table that pops up if you press F1.
      > Imains[Amp] has the number vary slightly while the charger is
      > operating, and I believe it is the amount of amps that the charger is
      > drawing from the house.
      > Ibatt[Amp] also varies slightly while charging, and I am guessing it
      > is the amount of amps that the charger is supplying to the
      > batteries. Since my snapshot shows that the Imains number is smaller
      > than the Ibatt number. Since the charger is getting 240V from the
      > house, the 15.1A * 246V = 3715W coming in. The batteries are getting
      > 18.802A * 178V = 3347W with the difference being lost from heat or
      > whatever.
      > Um-pk[V] is a mystery to me.
      > Umeff[V] I think is the voltage coming in from the house.
      > Ubatt[V] I think is the voltage feeding into the batteries.
      > Tpstg[C] is a mystery to me.
      > Tbat1[C] I think is the temperature in battery box #1 (whichever that
      > is)
      > Tbat2[C] I think is the temperature in battery box #2
      > Tbatt[C] I think is the highest temperature measured, which is the
      > temperature used to compensate the charging cycle somehow.
      > power[%] is a mystery to me, although it could just mean "full power"
      > Pprim[W] I think is the power (in Watts) that is being supplied to
      > the charger from the house.
      > F_out[Hz] fluctuates during charging, and I think is the frequency of
      > the DC voltage going into the batteries. As a layman, I thought only
      > AC had a frequency (like 60Hz) and DC was flat...
      > Psec[W] I think is the power (in Watts) that is being supplied to the
      > batteries.
      > time[min] has its value accumulate during charging, and is likely the
      > time spent charging. Only section 1 on my screen seems active, with
      > sections 2,3,4 & 5 unused. I wonder if this is true for other people.
      > charge[ah] also accumulates during charging, and counts the Amp-Hours
      > charged back into the batteries.
      > energy[wh] also accumulates during charging, and counts the Watt-
      > Hours charged back into the batteries.
      > UBmin[V] this value stays the same through charging, I think it is
      > the voltage of the batteries when the charger first began its charge
      > cycle.
      > UBmax[V] this value has been slowly creeping up during the charge
      > cycle. Perhaps this is the batteries current voltage.
      > TBmin[C] this value seems to creep down during the charge cycle
      > (which is occurring late in the evening). So, this may be the lowest
      > temperature observed during the charge cycle. This is mysterious
      > since it is higher than the Tbat values!
      > TBmax[C] this value has stayed constant through the charging cycle,
      > probably because the temperature outside has been dropping. So, this
      > may be the highest temperature observed during the charge cycle.
      > the Calc E values are a complete mystery to me.
      > So, these are my thoughts on the Monlog data. If anyone can provide
      > any insight, confirmations, or corrections I would very much
      > appreciate it!!!
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Todd Martin
      > 1997 Solectria
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