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2903Another 412b charger problem

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  • Joshua Goldstein
    Jul 1, 2007
      Hi, we just got our '99 Force (the one from New Hampshire that was on
      ebay) and perhaps set a new record for elapsed time between joining
      the Solectria owners club and joining the dead-charger club -- under
      10 days. I'm wondering if any of you have run into a similar
      problem. This is a Brusa NLG412b. The batteries were all just
      replaced (by the seller in NH) with same-as-the-original 8G27's and
      as far as I can tell they're working fine.
      Symptoms: After a couple of hot days, the charging cycle
      terminated early, then next time when plugged in the charger cycled
      on and off regularly about once a second -- this includes
      everything: the fan, the light, and the charge to the battery. I
      unplugged it after about 15 seconds of that. The next time I tried
      to charge it, the charger was completely dead (no light when plugged
      in, no fan, no charge).
      Diagnosis: With the very helpful info posted online, I was able
      to take apart the charger and check the two main fuses, which were
      intact, and check for signs of smoke, discoloration, melting, etc.,
      of which I found none. However, on second disassembly I noticed
      there is also a fuse on the big circuit board (the one that likes to
      bump into the flange when you open the thing), and that fuse is
      blown. It's a T1H 250V, ceramic, 1 amp. On a Sunday and living in
      the country, I was able to get only a similar fuse but 1/2 amp
      instead of 1. This blew as soon as I put it in and applied external
      250V power, with the batteries disconnected. [I'm working on the
      charger with the batteries disconnected because it should still light
      up a light when powered (tried this on another Force).] I have a
      strong suspicion a 1 amp fuse would do the same, though I'll check
      when I find one.
      The discussion of these chargers I can find online mostly
      concerns more dramatic failures and blowing of the main fuses. This
      seems more like a problem on the circuit board (??). I'm reaching
      the edge of my limited electrical expertise. Any ideas?
      Joshua Goldstein
      Amherst, MA
      '99 Force
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