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2767Re: [solectria_ev] Re: Amp Hour Meter Resetting

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  • Dorothy Swann
    Jun 3, 2007
      I will pay attention next time. I think that the A-Hr meter electronics sets zero's the meter when it sees a negative going voltage spike. That is, when the charger voltage cuts off.
      Bill S

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      The ng3 configured for 156 and gel batteries does not have a float
      charge so at the end of the charge cycle it just shuts down but the
      green light will remain on.(the one on the charger) The AH meter in
      the car reverts to 00.00 and then starts showing amps removed as the
      dc/dc is always on. If you had a Brusa or other charger with a
      continual float the AH meter wouldn't go zero until you had the
      charger off for awhile.

      Short answer is it is normal without a float. The batteries are
      draining as soon as the charger stops. I see about -0.17 per day with
      no usage. Insignificant for a day or to but it adds up if you need to
      leave it unused for awhile.

      If you check it towards the end of the cycle you will see a minus
      number. Mine comes pretty close to a 10%+ overcharge. You'll find that
      the overcharge time is very long but the amps are lower than used by
      the Brusa charger.

      Mike Rydjord --- In solectria_ev@ yahoogroups. com, "Bill Swann"
      <dbswann4@.. .> wrote:
      > I am finding that my A-Hr meter resets to zero. I just got my new
      > charger (NG3), and went through an overnight charge cycle. I had hoped
      > to see the # of A-Hr's accumulated this morning, but the meter read
      > 0.03. Is this normal?
      > Bill S

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