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2677Re: [solectria_ev] Radio interference.

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  • Gordon Stallings
    May 1 6:45 AM
      My Force also has had this problem since it was new. Here is what
      I've found:
      1) The interference is radiative. A portable radio experiences the
      interference when in the car's vicinity.
      2) It affects the FM band as well. I live in a fringe area where the
      stations I want to hear are 50 miles away.
      3) The FM interference occurs whenever the motor is turning and is
      manifested as a hiss that partially or completely masks the audio.
      When the motor is not turning and the accelerator is not depressed,
      the hiss is gone, which is to be expected since the AC motor doesn't
      need a rotating field when stationary.
      4) I checked the grounding of the antenna lead and tried various
      arrangements of the mesh shielding. No improvement. In fact, the
      interference is no worse with the mesh zipper jacket removed from the
      RGB connector. So I leave it off.
      5) The RFI drops off rapidly with distance from the car, so you are
      probably not bothering the reception in nearby cars.
      6) Probably the easiest solution would be to mount a vertical antenna
      on the rear fender of the car (vertical being the best orientation
      for FM reception). Unfortunately, this would change the looks of the

      --Gordon Stallings--
      > I hear a lot of radio static except when the car is stopped. The
      > Faraday shield on the 3 phase motor connector is in place. Are there
      > any other areas to check as a source of radio noise?
      > Thanks
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