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2589Re: 97 Force Heater Problem

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  • ldr214
    Apr 2, 2007
      I would like to know if you figured it out?

      I've been off line for a month. My heater is also somewhat
      intermittent and I'm about 80% sure it is the relay between the red
      switch and the element. When it works I can hear the relay click. When
      I don't hear it click it doesn't work. Heater relay makes about the
      same sound as the regen brake light relay in my vehicle. Mine seems to
      always work when first used but if you turn it off you have a 50/50
      chance it isn't going to respond until after it has sat for a hour or
      so. I've learned to live with it for now. Car doesn't have factory
      preheat feature.

      Unfortunately, depending upon how you think about it, I haven't been
      able to duplicate the failure while checking voltage and resistance.


      --- In solectria_ev@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Conn" <ev_in_la@...> wrote:
      > My heater works intermittently. Has anybody sucessfully fixed this
      > problem? I saw a few posts in the archives, but no actual solution.
      > It is not the red switch. That switch is sending 12v out when closed.
      > The striped orange wire goes to a relay after leaving the switch and
      > then from the relay off in several directions. One or two of them go
      > to the pre-heat controller (which seems dead), which I disconnected
      > from the back of the pre-heat controller. Disconnecting these wires
      > had no effect on the heater. Where are the heater coils? It would be
      > nice to test them to see if they are actually getting voltage.
      > Thanks,
      > Michael.
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