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2272RE: [solectria_ev] What to look for when buying a used Solectria?

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  • Will Beckett (cruzio)
    Dec 2, 2006
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      1. Charger - What's the best way to evaluate this? I figured I could
      take a volt meter and test the voltage across it during charging.

      If you plug it in and the green light flashes on the Amp/Hr meter, then it
      is working

      2. Health of the Battery Pack - I figured a test drive over 5-10miles
      would be reasonable. If it's cold I may have problems. Any thoughts?

      Older batteries will start to sag earlier. New batteries at 40 amp/hrs and
      older batteries at 25 to 30 amp/hrs.

      3. Bearings - I understand that these need replacement every 25-50k.
      What's the best way to evaluate these? Have most owners performed
      these replacements, or do they others (?who) do this. How much is
      this repair?

      I don't know that this figure is consistent. Generally we start hearing
      noises and that is the indication that bearings need to be replaced. Change
      the fluid and make sure you put the correct amount in. This seems to be
      where problems develop. I had one bearing go in the gear box and while it
      was open replaced all the bearings including the two in the motor. They are
      all off-the-self and I believe I paid under $200 for all of them. There is
      a lot of stress on the outer motor bearing, so it is likely to go first.

      4. Seal between motor and gear box - The picture I received made me
      suspicious that there may be a leak here. The owner says that he
      thinks it is a spill. Has this been a problem with these cars? I
      suspect as long as the fluid levels in the gear box were maintained
      there would be little damage.

      No, there is no real fluid there and it isn't an issue. Be sure to replace
      the seal when you replace the bearings.

      5. Controller - I suspect a test drive will tell me everything I need
      to know.

      Yea, it usually works or doesn't The bigger issue here is the pot that
      controls acceleration. Some times it gets a flat spot and when cruzing at a
      steady speed it will jump.

      6. Is there any concern about rust in the motor?

      Never seen this before but unless it is well into the case, I don't think it
      would be an issue.

      7. Owners manual - I don't think I get one with the car has someone
      put these on the internet?

      If you don't find one, I have a 1997 manual I can copy for you.

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