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2270Re: [solectria_ev] What to look for when buying a used Solectria?

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  • Nick Austin
    Dec 2, 2006
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      On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 07:38:52PM -0000, mmeeddiicc wrote:
      > I am planning on buying a 97 next week. I'd be interested to hear
      > peoples thoughts on the cars and on what I should look at when I
      > examine the car. Specific questions
      > 1. Charger - What's the best way to evaluate this? I figured I could
      > take a volt meter and test the voltage across it during charging.

      Plan on spending some money to replace this, it seems like it's not a
      matter of if, but when on these chargers.

      It cost me ~$4k to replace this with an NLG5xx when it failed, I think
      you can do it much cheaper if you're willing to sacrifice a little on

      > 2. Health of the Battery Pack - I figured a test drive over 5-10miles
      > would be reasonable. If it's cold I may have problems. Any thoughts?

      If it has a working Ah gage, you should be able to determine remaining
      pack capacity. Charge all the way up, drive tell you're at 1.5V per cell,
      and note the reading on the Ah gage.

      > 3. Bearings - I understand that these need replacement every 25-50k.
      > What's the best way to evaluate these? Have most owners performed
      > these replacements, or do they others (?who) do this. How much is
      > this repair?

      I've heard rumors that this is fairly cheap, but I'm not sure.

      > 5. Controller - I suspect a test drive will tell me everything I need
      > to know.

      Yea, working or not, right? :)

      > 7. Owners manual - I don't think I get one with the car has someone
      > put these on the internet?

      Yes, it's in the files section of the group.
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