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225Re: [force_ev] Pb-acid Battery Charging

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Apr 4, 2001
      At 09:05 04/03/2001 -0400, you wrote:
      >The manual also says, by the way, that I should charge until the amp-hour
      >meter reads -4, but that is damned near impossible, as the charger
      >sometimes (but not always!) shuts off at -1 or even +1, and because once
      >it shuts off, if the meter reads below 0, it will reset to zero in about
      >twenty minutes, leaving me scratching my head as to whether I'm at -.1 or

      Hmm... I have the same behavior. When I first got the Force, charging went
      just as described in the manual -- after charging, the meter would read
      negative about 1/10 the amp-hours that I had displayed before charging.
      However, a few months after I bought the car, Solectria sent me a
      replacement charger, saying that the one I had was defective. The
      replacement behaves differently. The final value on the meter after
      charging is unpredictable. It may be positive, zero, or negative. The
      charger itself cycles during the night, starting and stopping its fan.
      This is the 3KW charger.

      However, the batteries seem to be doing well after one year of use. So I
      can't find fault with the replacement charger. Today is a mild day, and I
      drove 5.5 miles to work on 3.75 amp-hours. (This is lower than the typical
      5.00.) I don't recharge at work and the car sits in the sun all day.
      Summertime is punishing on the batteries, I'm sure. The rear fan doesn't
      shut off at all during the summer. Solectria suggested that I might want
      to add a temperature comparator to the fan control so that the fan doesn't
      pull in air that is hotter than the batteries.

      Gordon Stallings
      1999 Solectria Force
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