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222Re: [force_ev] Pb-acid Battery Charging

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  • umarc@hippogryph.com
    Apr 3, 2001
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      On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, David Roden (Akron OH USA) wrote:

      > However, to some extent, a lot of very shallow cycles (say, 20-30% DOD)
      > can be less efficient in terms of the mileage you get out of a battery.
      > The optimal depth of discharge (optimal in the sense of giving the most
      > total distance before replacement) is around 50% per cycle.

      I wish there were an easy way for me to tell, when I get out of my car and
      it says I'm down 15 amp-hours, whether I'm at 20% or 30% or 50% depth of
      discharge. The manual says I'm supposed to be able to go to 55 amp-hours,
      but the only time I've been down as far as 35 amp-hours the car started to
      lose power noticeably.

      Lately I've just been driving to work (about 6 amp-hours) and back (about
      8; it's mostly uphill).

      The manual also says, by the way, that I should charge until the amp-hour
      meter reads -4, but that is damned near impossible, as the charger
      sometimes (but not always!) shuts off at -1 or even +1, and because once
      it shuts off, if the meter reads below 0, it will reset to zero in about
      twenty minutes, leaving me scratching my head as to whether I'm at -.1 or

      Rob Landry
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