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220Re: [force_ev] Pb-acid Battery Charging

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  • william glickman
    Apr 2, 2001
      I would try the standard power pulse units to get as much out of the
      batteries as possible unless you have already knocked the lead off the

      On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 14:52:08 -0500 "Tracy, Matt" <mtracy@...>
      > I am replacing a dozen, 12v, 125 amp-hour lead-acid batteries after
      > some
      > 500+ charging cycles, but less than two years after purchasing them.
      > I
      > would appreciate any wisdom / experience with optimal recharging.
      > With this set of batteries, I drove 15 miles to work (using around
      > 15-18
      > amp-hours), recharged, and 9 hours later drove 15 miles home, and
      > recharged.
      > I read that Pb-acid batteries should be kept charged, and not left
      > in a
      > discharged state, to prevent sulfating (or whatever the chemical
      > degradation
      > process is called). This worked well, but would I be better off
      > charging
      > only once a day (in the evening, only 9-10 hours after initial
      > discharge,
      > vs. in the morning at work - on the company's meter - 14-15 hours
      > after
      > initial discharge), and cutting the number of charging cycles in
      > half, and
      > not worrying about the batteries sitting partially discharged for
      > several
      > hours each day? This would also push the depth-of-discharge twice
      > as far,
      > which I read also cuts down on the number of recharging cycles.
      > FYI, I am using a Zivan NG-3 charger.
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Matt Tracy
      > 1992 Solectria Force, 144v
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