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2119Re: [solectria_ev] Solectria EV Purchase Query

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  • Jay Grossman
    Sep 2, 2006
      What type of batteries, pb Gel or Nimh? Before purchase you might want to run a search on the vehicle to make certain that it was not in an accident as the cause for a new paint job. A local mechanic can check out the non-electrical drive components of the vehicle (brakes, stearing suspension etc) to make certain that they are in working order and once on his lift he can check for rust.
      Jay H Grossman

      Rick Covert <wd5l@...> wrote:
      I read a post of a 1998 Solectria Force for sale. The owner's asking
      price is $16,000.00. It only has 8,667 miles on it but it has been
      repainted and it has had it's batteries changed out.

      The car is in a northeastern state that gets alot of snow. Should I be
      concerned that the car may have some rust? Is $16,000.00 a reasonable
      price for the car?

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