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2028Flaky T-taps

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  • Gordon Stallings
    Jul 6, 2006
      Just a note to give a "heads-up" for a potential problem in the Force

      I've had two occurrences where a T-tap has quit working. These taps
      are crimp-on devices that provide a Faston connection to an existing
      wire. The modifications to the Metro required a number of these taps
      on the wiring under the dashboard. If the tap doesn't make good
      connection, something quits working or becomes flaky. I just
      finished fixing my latest problem -- regeneration was not turning on
      the brake lights. I chased this down to one of the T-taps deep under
      the dash.

      I only know of two ways to fix such a problem. One way is to scrape
      some insulation off the original (Metro) wire on one side of the tap
      (which is unremovable). Then, cut off the new wire at its Faston and
      solder it onto the stripped section of the Metro wire. The other
      method is to cut the tap clear out and solder all three wires
      together. In either case, it's a tough job because of the location
      inside the dash and because the wires have very little slack. As a
      final step, coat the bare joint with silicone rubber so that it can't
      short out to anything else.

      The Maintenance Manual was a great help with its schematics and
      connector drawings. Follow the manual's detailed instructions for
      disassembly of the dashboard. I also removed the driver's seat
      before I started on the dash.

      I think the taps failed because they were designed for larger wire
      than my Metro uses.

      Next time, I'll hire a radio announcer to do the work, because
      everybody knows that radio announcers have small hands:

      "Wee paws for station identification..."

      --Gordon Stallings--
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