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2023Re: [solectria_ev] Air Conditioning Controller

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  • Dan Wentworth
    Jun 18, 2006
      I just repaired my DC30-156 controller in my Force. These are pretty simple PWM controllers using a UCC2570 and two paralleled output MOSFETs. I was lucky in that my problem was only the output 0.47uF 250V film cap that was open circuit (bulged). The symptom was no starting under load but running relatively slowly after hand spinning without the belt.
      I called Azure and they want $800 for a replacement controller. They would not provide the schematic or any other repair info.


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      Subject: [solectria_ev] Air Conditioning Controller

      My Air Conditioning Controller died today. I was able to take a known working unit out of another car and the AC started working and I also tried the broken unit in the other car and it didn't work in there either.

      Does anyone know how to fix these controllers? Would anybody be concerned that something else in the system might have damaged the broken unit and I'll find the replacement fried soon too?

      Stephen Taylor

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